Marshmello teams up with Svdden Death for new single ‘Crusade’

The electronic dance music titan Marshmello has once again joined forces with the Los Angeles based dubstep producer Svdden Death to present ‘Crusade‘, which becomes their second collaboration to date after the release of ‘Sell Out’ exactly one year ago.

The two talented artists have merged their styles to release the first track of the year for both artists. This song which showcases a darker sound we’re used to hear from Marshmello, is pure festival material with fat and powerful basses leading the drop yet keeping the classic signature elements from both producers. When asked about the track Svdden Death admitted this is one of his favourite projects, as they bring variety into heavy bass tracks and states that ‘Collabing with Marshmello is perfect, because we are super good at filling in the blanks for each other’. Marshmello agrees that he enjoys working with him as they feed each other as artists “This song is so dope, because it shows both sides of who we are as producers.”

‘Crusade’ comes just at a strange yet exciting time for Mello, as he has just scrubbed his entire Instragram page, which ultimately hides an important message. Apparently, the reasons and details are still unknown but for sure it has to be something relevant to clear up an entire page that accounts for almost 30 million followers. The only thing we see is the profile image, which is basically a black background and a purple laser crossing it vertically. Paradoxically, it is very similar to the purple sword appearing at the main ‘Crusade’ image artwork and although coincidences occur sometimes, who knows if these two might be somehow related.

We could speculate about some rebranding marketing strategies behind this but in the end we will have to wait to know for sure what is going on. Keep updated for the latest news!

Listen to ‘Crusade’ by Marshmello and Svdden Death in full below:


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