Martin Garrix & Zedd at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

Martin Garrix & Zedd to premier their new collab at Ultra or Tomorrowland

Massive new updates have been brought to light ahead of the upcoming collaboration between the two megastars, the Dutch Martin Garrix and the Russian-German Zedd, as apparently, we might be able to hear the highly-anticipated track sooner than later.

A couple of months ago, it was the ‘Stay the Night‘ producer the one that fired first posting a tweet teasing the collab: ANYONE DOWN FOR A ZEDD x @MARTINGARRIX COLLAB?!” that instantly turned all the industry upside down and put fans on the edge of their sits. Now, in a recent video interview for Miami’s dance radio station Revolution 93.5 FM, Martin Garrix has not only confirmed that but he has also given a couple of key estimated dates we might be hearing the outcome of this magic union: Ultra Miami or Tomorrowland.

Saying this might be one of the most anticipated tracks from the past 10 years might not be an exaggeration after all. Not only fans have been waiting for these two icons to sit and work together, but the own artists too. To realise about the magnitude of this collab, Martin stated that “Zedd and I have been talking about doing a song together for about, I think, 7 years maybe. We’ve sent all these ideas back and forth but then when we’re together we’re always partying or chilling or exploring the city that we’re in“.

We do not know at what stage they will be right now. The only thing we know is that they started the project around a month ago with a weird chord progression that Martin composed and Zedd loved. Now, it’s Zedd turn as he is the one working on it “I sent him the stems so now I’m waiting on what he’s gonna do and what he’s going to send back to me”. Depending on how fast it evolves they might be premiering sooner or later but as Martin forecasts, this might be either Ultra or Tomorrowland.

Listen to Martin Garrix talk about the collaboration in the interview below:


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