OXYGN – Truth ft. Bobby Saint

Excitingly energetic duo OXYGN are determined to become one of the biggest names in the electronic industry, and their music proves this. Not ones to be defined by just one genre, they dance across all genres and master them all beautifully and it’s part of why they are such a dynamic duo. With more than 8 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, they refuse to be underestimated and are a true breath of fresh air with their unique style.

‘Truth’, featuring Bobby Saint, is their newest release and it’s something to get truly excited about. Likening it to the ‘post-EDM’ style that San Holo uses to describe his current sound, it’s infused with funky sounding guitars to drive the track forward and give it that unique edge. This isn’t your typical electronic track, which you’ll notice right from the start. It’s a fun blend of disco and house, and it draws inspiration from the best aspects of both genres to create something unlike anything ever heard before. Bobby Saint’s vocals also add that cherry on top of the groovy musical cake, and when you mix everything together it is just an irresistibly catchy anthem that is bound to get stuck in your head for months and months on end!

If you thought that was the end, OXYGN and Bobby Saint have a special treat for fans, and it comes in the form of an acoustic version of ‘Truth’, which will be out soon. Keep an eye on their social media accounts and listen to the track below.

Image Credit: OXYGN (Press)

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