Perhopes goes dark with electrifying new track ‘Not So Guilty’

Starting producing way back in 2005, Perhopes has a lot of experience and knowledge behind him that he uses as his driving force to grow even bigger as a producer within today’s scene. He’s been noticed by the likes of Pete Tong and has successfully established his sound to a solid fanbase that only keeps on growing and growing. He has multiple EP’s under his belt such as ‘Source’‘Tremens’ and ‘Schizophrenia’  to name just a few, and his discography just keeps on expanding. His dark electro sound has managed to easily captivate listeners all around the world, and his newest release is doing the same.

‘Not So Guilty’ is another example of his dark and energetic sound. Surprisingly, the idea of the track was composed in just one night which is a testament to how hard-working and creative Perhopes truly is. The French artist has put a touch of the French sound in here, which is super distinctive, and it’s part of what makes it so unique and dark-toned. It kicks in with an electrifying beat that fades out to make way for vocals then is put right back at the forefront once again. It’s a solid piece of work, and showcases his dark yet energetic skills.

‘Not So Guilty’ is an addictive track, so don’t blame us when you’re on you’re 100th listen! You can stream the track on Spotify below right now and keep up to date with new releases and projects via his website.


Image Credit: Perhopes – Not So Guilty / Artwork

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