Quick Mike

Quick Mike – Let’s Get the Body Jumping

Young and up-and-coming talent is changing the electronic music scene today as we know it, and one of the artists responsible for this is Quick Mike. Fusing his love for big room, future house and progressive all together, the Romania-based star takes inspiration from the recent movements in EDM and is always quick to notice the new trends that are popping up within the scene. Allowing his creative process to be completely free is what makes his track creation process come so naturally, and it helps him to be on top form, which is why every track that he releases is nothing short of spectacular. With 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify right now, he’s one of the most successful up-and-comers on the scene, and he can’t stop climbing higher and higher up the ladder.

‘Let’s Get the Body Jumping’ is a release that has been making the rounds in the circuit of fans and curious potential fans. With just over 20,000 Spotify streams so far, it’s non-arguably a popular track and it’s given Quick Mike even more crucial exposure. The track itself has all the hallmarks of being a party-starting crowd pleaser and with synths that cut through the earth’s core and completely shake things up, it’s hard to know that he is an up-and-comer but not rather a leading industry name.

Listen to the track below, and add it to all your party playlists! Check out his Facebook page here to stay up to date with all future projects and releases. We can tell that it’s going to be a huge year for this young star, so check him out and start showing him some love!


Image Credit: Quick Mike (Press)

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