RÜFÜS DU SOL set to release live album filmed in Joshua Tree National Park

To the east of Los Angeles, on the other side of the San Bernadino Mountains, deep in the Mojave Desert, lies the Joshua Tree National Park. Given its proximity to the city of angels and entertainment, and the remote and mystical nature of the surroundings, it’s not an unusual place for musical inspiration – an Irish band named one of their albums after it for example. But now Australian electronic group RÜFÜS DU SOL have taken it one further. In 2018 they actually wrote their album Solace at the spot, and having completed their most successful and lauded LP to date, they climbed some rocks and decided it might be a good idea to perform a live set there one day. Now, they have made that sunrise daydream come true.

Taking place in that same spot, as the sun rises once again over the vast expanse of western America, Live At The Joshua Tree was recorded in a spectacular display of sound and light. On the sound front, the trio perform a full live-set of their complex, haunting, and highly energetic signature-sound. In terms of visuals, the sun slowly rising over the shattered rock formations is augmented by a multitude of lighting fixtures, almost like florescent tubes stuck in the dusty sand, reacting to every note and nuance of their sound.

The whole thing was also stunningly shot, and the resulting film Live From The Joshua Tree, was premiered in an intimate screening to 400 family and friends in LA last week. Fear not though, because the film will be released worldwide soon, and will be augmented by a live album of the performance, both of which are released on March 6.

Catch a snippet of the RÜFÜS DU SOL performance below: