Sir Ivan – Happy Together (Remix Package)

If you don’t know the name Sir Ivan – you should do. He’s been in the charts among the likes of Lady GagaKaty PerryEd Sheeran and many more of the biggest pop stars in the world on both the American and UK charts. He has a passion for social activism and filters that through some of his works, with the track ‘Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye’ highlighting the seriousness of bullying towards the LGBT community, which went on to be produced by massive star Paul Oakenfold. His music is changing lives and sending important messages whilst also bring fun and danceable, which is something that the electronic music scene needs.

Now, he’s turning his attention to breathing new life into his 2009 cover of The Turtles’ ‘Happy Together’. Unleashing a remix package from five different artists (Moto Blanco, Bimbo Jones, 7th Heaven, Ralphi Rosario and DJs From Mars), this is one huge remix package and Sir Ivan has brought in some massive talents to take his track to new heights and spin it on its head. The remixes all touch on different areas which are bound to please everyone from the club lovers to the radio lovers, and with Sir Ivan already having worked with three of the five producers in the past, his track is in very capable and talented hands.

Whether you’re listening to the bouncing synths coming through in DJs From Mars’ version, or the euphoria that shines through in 7th Heaven’s remix, each one brings a whole different mood and enjoyability to the old track. It’s impossible not to smile or sing along to these remixes and you can listen to them all below!


Image Credit: Sir Ivan (Press)

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