The Chainsmokers are taking a social media break

Social media has grown into something much more than a place to keep in contact with those that you know. People have built whole careers based on their social media presence, and for high-profile celebrities, it can seem like a whole grueling task to keep up with every account on multiple platforms. It’s also hard for DJs in today’s age, and massively popular duo The Chainsmokers know this well.

With well over a few million followers on each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), the duo – consisting of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart – are one of the most followed artists in the electronic scene right now, and having a huge platform like that can be daunting and also time-consuming. Taking to their platforms (and deleting all other Instagram posts in the process), they have officially announced a social media hiatus. Minus a few obligations, this is the last we will hear from them on the social media spectrum until they decide to come back.

The reason for doing so is actually quite exciting, though. They’re taking time off to start their next album (TCS4 is the unofficial name right now) and put their heads down in the studio to be completely free of distractions. Although we will miss their crazy posts, this doesn’t affect their touring schedule and they have encouraged that you say hi to them if you see them in person. This announcement follows the release of ‘World War Joy’ back in December.

The next time we will see The Chainsmokers online is when more news about TCS4 is ready to be unveiled, but for now, you can read the full statement below.

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