Excision Wooli

‘The Evolution’ is a brand new audiovisual experience by Excision

Recognized as the king of dubstep by fans across the globe, Excision has been shaking the music industry with his destructive signature sound. Born in beautiful British Columbia, Excision has constantly tested the limits of electronic music by delivering unique sets to his audience such as his highly anticipated  “Detox Set” which provides the dubstep connoisseur a chance to push his creative boundaries and showcase his experimental side of production. After recently announcing the dates for Lost Lands and Bass Canyon this year, there is no slowing down Excision as he has recently debuted his new audiovisual experience called ‘The Evolution.’ If you are looking to be memorized by lasers and jaw dropping sound, look no further as Excision has absolutely nailed this one to kick off a new era of dubstep.

While The Paradox will always remain some of the best memories we have with the dubstep king through those stargazing visuals and the monstrous PK Sound which took over venues across North America. Today we welcome a new ‘Evolution’ which has been designed in the shape of a massive X and incorporates countless LED visuals to bring out an epic audio visual experience for all those dubstep enthusiasts looking to head bang all night long. Hosted at the Thunderdome in Tacoma, Washington, Excision’s virtual apocalypse of face melting sound’s has been brought to the life through the use of top notch stage enhancements. With over 10 years of touring the world, Excision has shared a little taste of The Evolution experience on his official Instagram page and it certainly does not disappoint.

Check out his recent photos from the debut show and be sure to grab your tickets to one of his shows here.






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