Vini Vici 'Rapture'

Vini Vici, Shapov and NERVO – My World

It’s their world and we’re just living in it.  Vini Vici, Israeli psytrance duo, has teamed up with rising Dutch DJ/producer Shapov and Australian twin sisters NERVO to give us a glimpse into each other’s world, and the song does just that.

Vini Vici (real names Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh) have made their mark on the EDM world with massive hits such as Great Spirit’ featuring the ASOT legend Armin van Buuren and Hilight Tribe.  NERVO (real names Olivia and Miriam Nervo) are famously known for their track ‘People Grinnin’ which peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts in 2016.  While Shapov (real name Alexander Shapovalov) has found success in songs such as ‘Belong featuring Axwell and La Résistance De L’Amour’ featuring van Buuren.  It’s safe to say, this collaboration was anticipated to be a monster track and of course, it’s nothing short of that.

The song opens up with major arpeggiated pads and vocals from NERVO that lead into a razor-sharp synth drop suitable to make the cut for all sets of 2020’s main stage festivals.  However, the best part of this track is nuzzled between the drops. The words “welcome to our psychedelic world” marks the start of the deliciousness that is about to come as we enter a dreamlike trance consisting of memoirs from the first section.  The gated warble patterns take turns between the main melody and the drop shape-shifts and evolves into stretched out vocals that abduct us into outer space and then deliver us back by reintroducing the big main synth melody with the incredible drop just seconds away.

This song comes right in time for festival season, so naturally, we can’t wait to hear it rock out loud from opening to closing sets from all sorts of DJs.

Listen to ‘My World’ by Vini Vici, NERVO and Shapov below.


Image Credit: Vini Vici (Press)