What So Not announces a break

In today’s hectic music industry, it’s important for artists to look after their physical and mental health amidst all the stress of touring and keeping up with a growing career. After the tragic passing of Avicii (and even before that), more artists began to announce breaks from the industry. HardwellCarnage and more took time to recharge lately, and now What So Not is also stepping back for a while.

Announcing it lately, the Australian artist has been recently affected by the bushfires that have devastated his home land, and it made him think about what was truly important in life. Doing around 400 shows in the past three years alone, he’s one of the busiest artists around and with a tour schedule that’s as packed as it is, it’s bound to take a toll in one way or another. Everyone needs time to reset, and What So Not is definitely no different. Using this time off to spend it with friends and family and put more time into making everything he does perfect, he will still be doing one off special shows here and there (including support for the newly announced Louis The Child Red Rocks show in August) around the world but for the most part will be off the show circuit and offline.

He will have a record out soon for fans, but otherwise he will be out of the game for a while. You can read his full statement below, and we wish him the best of luck and hope he has a great rest.


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