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Yellow Claw ‘Never Dies’ with the release of their 11-track album

The Dutch production duo known as Yellow Claw have been on the road consistently to showcase their hard-hitting sound which crosses between trap, hard style and bass music. First gaining popularity over 10 years ago, Yellow Claw have rapidly climbed to the top of the charts with hit singles such as ‘DJ Turn It Up‘, and ‘Shotgun‘ featuring Rochelle to ignite festivals globally.  Yellow Claw have had quite a number of accomplishments which include their 2015 debut of ‘Blood For Mercy’ which reached the top spot of Billboard’s Top/Dance Electronic Albums Chart, and also featured collaborations from world renowned artists including Tiësto, Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Mustard, and many more to satisfy all those die hard fans craving some trap music in their lives. With Yellow Claw always having a few tricks under their sleeves, the Dutch duo have just released their fourth album ‘Never Dies.’ If you want to scream ““Yellow-mother-f*****g-Claw”” whilst also transitioning into Yellow Claw’s flawless production style filled with pure emotion then this album is definitely for you.

After their previous collaboration with STORi on ‘Both Of Us‘ which was featured in their 2018 album ‘New Blood,’ Yellow Claw and STORi clearly work perfectly together as the first track off the album is another vibrant collaboration known as ‘Try So Hard‘. With STORi’s beautiful vocals aligned with an echo of various sonic elements, these artists are bringing listeners right to the feels. Now for those trap enthusiasts craving a bit of Yellow Claw in their lives, have no fear as ‘Amsterdamned‘ is proven to shake the ground with the climatic drop of wonky instrumentals to break it down low on the dance floor. Pumping up the tempo a notch with their alarming single ‘Reckless’ featuring Fatman Scoop, the track incorporates Yellow Claws passion to deliver a hard-hitting sound with a much darker approach for an after hours vibe. As the album draws in listeners who are ‘Here To Stay,‘ the duo called upon Gammer and Nanami for a bass heavy collaboration while exploring a more dub step inspired sound. With epic collaborations from artists such as Off Set, Era Istrefi, Nikki Viana, KIDDO and much more, the album is catered to all those craving Yellow Claw’s signature sound while also opening up new doors to their iconic production style.

Proving that Yellow Claw “Never Dies” when it comes to satisfying their global fan base, check out the full album below and let us know your favourite song in the comments below.

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