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How can the older generation appreciate Electronic Dance Music
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How can the older generation appreciate Electronic Dance Music

Home Uncategorized How can the older generation appreciate Electronic Dance Music

There’s no secret that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a youth movement. According to a 2014 Nielsen study, millennials aged below 25 make up the better part of the EDM music scene. Studies have long shown that individuals listen to less new music as they grow older.

A new study suggests that one of the reasons you don’t see many people aged above 40 at EDM shows is because people usually stop listening to fresh, popular music at age 33. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy EDM music in old age just the way you enjoy all casino games slots like those at 918kiss.

If you feel you are too old for EDM music, here a few things to keep in mind so you can start appreciating the genre.

Art and Music are Ageless

Art is timeless. It’s always present across generations. Likewise, music is a form of expression that cuts across all ages and cultures.

In the case of musical festivals, they can be very commercial and focus on younger audiences that tend to love commercial dance music. Other festivals may cater to a more mature crowd.

EDM festivals are usually for everyone, regardless of age. What matters is the choice of the festival, depending on the theme and artists.

Everyone Needs their Spirit Lifted

We all go through life with our own set of challenges to deal with. However, tackling challenges without much-needed rest can be overwhelming. Hence, it’s advisable to take time to celebrate life and relieve stress occasionally.

EDM shows are a blend of art, music, colors, and people. They can be an effective therapeutic dose, lifting your spirits to revitalizing heights.

Understand That Your Body Has Limits

It would be best if you realized that as you grow older, there’ll be physical limitations that you’ll need to respect when you venture out into the club or festival scene. These may include stomach sensitivity, brain fog, and clicking knees.

You may lack the ability to head-bang, shuffle, or grind low as you used to in your youthful days. But aging doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy the music with which you connect so deeply.

All you need to do is to adjust your dance moves to ensure you preserve your energy and protect your body. Find what works for you and adjust things accordingly.

EDM is All about Uniting People under Music

This crucial point should help you understand why age is just a number when it comes to enjoying EDM music. The EDM culture and music world remain united under the umbrella of music, positivity, and people’s acceptance.

Anyone, regardless of age or country of origin, is welcome to the community of EDM enthusiasts. Even if they like a different genre, the differences make Electronic Dance Music a lifestyle.

People come together thanks to EDM beats and melodies. Because the scene is all about music, your age doesn’t count. Your background doesn’t matter either.

With these factors in mind, you won’t find yourself too old to listen to or enjoy EDM music.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland


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