Alesso Hans Zimmer 'Interstellar'

Alesso created a Big Room EDM Banger in less than 60 seconds

Have you ever wanted to become an EDM producer? Now is the right time, as we’re all social distancing and staying at home *wink* due to the Coronavirus pandemic. If you don’t know where to start, Alesso got you covered.

In a recent Instagram Story, that was uploaded to Twitter afterward, the Swedish producer outlines how to create a ‘Big Room EDM Banger’ in a few simple steps outlined below, showcasing how easy it can be to create some tracks.

  1. Find some chords
  2. Make a nasty Bassline
  3. Play a melody with a lot of delay
  4. Add too many layers of the same melody
  5. Make your own kickdrum
  6. Find a friend who can easily write a topline in 2 minutes
  7. Voila!

So there you go, these are the 7, well actually 6, simple steps and now you’re a big room producer and ready to get your tunes out in the world. Obviously, this article and Alesso’s story should be taken with a good bit of humor, but to every joke, there is some truth. Also, the track in the video doesn’t sound bad either. Check it out below on Alesso‘s Twitter account and just maybe, we’ll see this as an actual release.


Image Credit: Rony Alwin

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