Blond:ish Cercle x SXM Festival performance cancelled amid Covid-19 restrictions

SXM Festival will no longer see Cercle hosting a live stream of the highly anticipated BLOND:ISH set. BLOND:ISH will still play at Rainforest Adventures in the Caribbean, but Cercle have unfortunately had to cancel their arrangements this week due to travel restrictions.

News like this is starting to come as no surprise as Covid-19 has become a global issue; a mild coronavirus that has become incredibly widespread and that can have fatal implications for some of those infected. To prevent a further spread of the virus, travel organisations are starting to lay down travel restrictions which are having a knock-on effect on artists and fans worldwide. Cercle are the latest to be affected, and sadly will not be able to attend the festival.

The Canadian female DJ and producer (Blond:ish) is set to perform for the stunning view atop the Rockland Estate on St Maarten island this Monday. However, due to Cercle heading to Japan recently to for their last event with Zhu, and the restrictions in place between Japan and St Maarten, they cannot attend. As with a typical Cercle performance, we were set for four and a half hours of breathtaking multi-camera and drone coverage of the performances which would have made their way out on Cercle’s official Facebook page. The French live-stream media company has become famous for the way it pushes the boundaries of dance music coverage as they continue to take some of the worlds best house and techno DJ to perform in the most picturesque locations around the world.

As this Covid-19 commotion continues keep your eyes on We Rave You as we’ll bring you up-to-date event information as we get it.

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