Bobby & Steve

Bobby & Steve debut massive soulful house album ‘Let’s Stand Together’

Ever experienced a Groove Odyssey party or are a fan of the label? Well if so, you will be all too familiar with the dynamic duo and label heads Bobby & Steve. Legends in the London dance music scene, they’ve had residencies in iconic clubs such as Ministry of Sound and have experienced it all throughout their 35-year long career (that isn’t coming to a halt any time soon!). With their imprint turning ten years old last year, it seems fitting to celebrate with some brand new music and the pair have gone above and beyond by releasing an entire album.

‘Let’s Stand Together’ is their album debut and it consists of 14 tracks with some incredible collaborations. The collaborators include the likes of Byron StingilyStephanie CookeLeroy Burgess and many more and truly help to elevate the album and take it to new heights. With a true understanding of how electronic music can feed the soul and clear the mind, the twins have taken this into consideration carefully during the creation process and have fine tuned their style of house in a new way.

Tracks like ‘Lovers Escapade – Bobby & Steve’s Disco Mix’ will have everyone on the dance floor (or at home) grooving away whilst others such as ‘Pride & Joy – Bobby & Steve’s Cool Down Mix’ provides the ultimate chilled mood whilst still providing that same danceability in earlier tracks. If you’re a fan of soulful house, then Bobby & Steve have the perfect album for you, and you can listen to it in full below.


Image Credit: Bobby & Steve (Press)

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