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Calvin Harris to release more Love Regenerator tracks next week

The already very popular Calvin Harris alias Love Regenerator has been very busy at work since its introduction to the music world. When it was first announced, there wasn’t much information to go off as to how it would sound or as to what direction Calvin was looking to go in. All fans knew was that it would likely sound very different to the usual radio-friendly dance/pop hits we’re used to hearing from the musician, but as fans know, he is a master when it comes to producing different styles and genres. Releasing ‘CP-1’ and ‘Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait’)’ as a two-track EP to start off with, it was not only well received by his fanbase, but also fellow producers in the scene who praised him for going in a completely new direction. Being influenced heavily by early 90s techno and rave sounds, he then went on to drop ‘The Power of Love II’ and ‘Regenerate Love’ and he isn’t slowing down just yet.

Taking to his Instagram account, Harris announced that we will be treated to yet more tracks, coming in a set of two again. We don’t yet know the names of these tracks but can assume they will follow the same style as the previous four, and we’re loving this new direction he’s taking. Could these releases be part of a bigger project, like an album? Or is it just a string of singles for fans to enjoy? That’s something we don’t know just yet, but we can tell that it’s going to be a big and busy year for the Scottish producer, with a whole string of big shows planned for the year so far in between plans for his alias.

View his Instagram post below, and also check out the Love Regenerator page here for videos of the production process (and possibly snippets of future tracks).

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Couple more tunes out next week @loveregenerator

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