Calvin Harris at Djakarta Warehouse Project 2019

Calvin Harris unloads IDs during Love Regenerator live stream

Under his refreshing new alias Love Regenerator, Calvin Harris dropped a handful of impressive IDs in a surprise live stream on Saturday night.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, recent times have been particularly difficult for DJs across the world, bringing touring duties to a halt. In response to this, we have seen tonnes of artists turn to live streams to promote their upcoming music. Calvin Harris is one of those artists to do so, blessing us with a dazzling set full to brim with new Love Regenerator music.

Over an hour and a half, the stream saw him drop a fine selection of tracks including one of his latest from the Love Regenerator 3 EP, “Peace Love Happiness”, but not before he dropped his most successful hit under this new alias in “Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)”. He went above and beyond to then premiere what we believe to be new Love Regenerator music (according to 1001 Tracklists), including what are believed to be multiple collaborations with fellow house music producer Eli Brown. The mix also featured releases from the likes of Avision, Will Clarke, Rudosa and Alexander Technique.

The set was accompanied by an eccentric visual display which Calvin interacted with as it changed with each track, blending in with the background by wearing a blue jacket so that we could only see his head and hands! Be sure to check out the YouTube live stream below for new Love Regenerator music and psychedelic visuals accompanied by his witty sense of humour.

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