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Calvin Harris’s alias Love Regenerator releases his third EP

On March 13th, Calvin Harris released his third entitled EP Love Regenerator 3 through his alias Love Regenerator on the label Sony Music UK. It is the continuation of the other two EPs with the same name, all dropped in 2020. For those who do not know about the new project, it is a blend of electronic genres including Techno and Breakbeat, something that refers to the electronic scene of the 1990s, characterized by the growth of Rave Culture and some sounds such as Acid House. This period had a significant influence on the Scottish superstar’s interest in electronic music and, consequently, in musical production, as can be seen in the interview he gave to Annie Mac in January this year.

This third EP consists of three songs: ‘Give Me Strenght’, ‘Peace Love Happiness’ and ‘Peace Love Happiness – Acid Reprise’. In the first two, you can notice the accelerated BPM, something typical of the clubber scene of the 1990s, as mentioned earlier, with Techno percussive elements mixed with House sounds as the catchy top melody. The last track does not have the mention of ‘Acid’ by chance. Despite having a lower BPM, following the line of songs from the current underground scene, the arrangement of the track already gives the listener the feeling of Acid vibes.

We are far from ending the first semester, but it should be noted that whether it is like Calvin Harris or Love Regenerator, the rest of the year will feature several releases, even without an official forecast of Love Regenerator shows worldwide for fans to know. Calvin Harris’ production skills show us that the electronic music industry and countless genres are made up of cycles for the best of the scene.


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