Carl Cox

Carl Cox – PURE (El Rancho Mix)

When it comes to DJs, few rank quite as highly as Carl Cox. Regarded as one of the finest at his craft, a true veteran of the scene, and an all round lovable guy, you’ll struggle to find anyone who has a bad word to say about him. But it is true to say that he’s something of a rarity as a DJ who doesn’t really produce records. So when he does put out a track, it’s always a special moment, and one such time is now.

Carl Cox’s Pure (El Rancho Mix) is Carl’s first solo single in years, and is self-described as a “techno beast”. He’s not wrong either. A combination of old-school techno, early 90s rave, and even a hint of progressive house, makes this a peak-time banger that, according to the man himself, has seen people go “wild” when he’s dropped it in recent sets around the world.

Of course, in these testing times it won’t be played out live for the foreseeable future, but if there’s anything that can get us through this, it’s a proper uplifting techno anthem from the king. So turn it up loud, open your windows, and show the world that good music won’t be stopped by the current crisis.

Check out Carl Cox – Pure (El Rancho Mix) in full below, and also be sure to check out his Cabin Fever vinyl sessions via his Facebook page.

Image Credit: Carl Cox / Provided by Measure PR UK