Dancefair conference is postponed amidst COVID-19

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, there is a tough moment in several sectors of the economy, including the music industry. Festivals such as Ultra Music Festival Miami and Tomorrowland Winter needed to cancelled their 2020 edition. Yesterday another relevant event was postponed: Dancefair – one of the biggest European conferences in electronic music initially scheduled to happen on the 9th and 10th of May.

Through an official announcement shared on Dancefair’s Facebook and Instagram, the organizers inform that the event has been postponed to Saturday, October 31st – Sunday, November 1st and will take place in Jaarbeus Utrecht (Netherlands). Regarding tickets additional information was added on Dancefair’s website, ‘All tickets purchased via our regular website will automatically be changed to tickets for 31 October and/or 1 November. Please note: you will not receive a new ticket. Example: in case you purchased a ticket for Saturday 9 May this ticket will now be valid for Saturday 31 October.’

The expectation is that the current situation will be normalized in the second semester, therefore, there are chances that Dancefair will happen. For the 2020 edition, the event will host Mike Williams, Magnificence and the famous Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings where attendees can get in touch with Revealed’s artists to learn production and DJ skills, hand over demos to the label’s A&R team and get live feedback.

More information about Dancefair 2020 and ticket purchase can be found here.

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