Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis Puts His Stamp On Sofi Tukker’s ‘Purple Hat’

Dillon Francis just released one heck of a remix to Sofi Tukker’s ‘Purple Hat’.  Recently, the song has been played out at festivals and clubs across the board and it’s about time Dillon Francis gave us what we’ve been waiting for.

The New York-based duo Sofi Tukker have been blowing up the EDM scene as of late. Their hits include ‘Best Friend’ which was used in Apple‘s commercial unveiling the iPhone X and ‘Drinkee’ which was nominated for a Grammy in 2017.

Dillon Francis, American Moombahton veteran and arguably one of the most influential and versatile DJ/Producer in EDM has had his claim to fame with songs such as ‘Get Low’, a collaboration with DJ Snake which has had over 500 million streams worldwide and also the track ‘Say Less’ with G-Eazy, which has been the starting point for remixes across all genres. If you follow Francis on social media, you may also know him as ‘Emo Preston’, ‘DJ Hanzel’, or ‘Becky’, which are some of the few different comedic alter-egos he pursues.

This song is about people dancing on the people and people on the people dancing whilst wearing a purple hat and cheetah print, and after listening to this song, you may just want to invest in a purple hat and cheetah print. The original track is a feel-good groove that makes you want to dance like no one’s watching. Dillon Francis takes that feeling and expands on it by adding a melodic build-up consisting of fresh house chords and a gritty plucked bass for the drop. During the break of the song, Francis introduces us to Sofi Tukker’s vocals for one final euphoric melody build-up before the second drop ensues, this time with added elements making the end of the track the cherry-on-top.

Stream ‘Purple Hat’ – Sofi Tukker (Dillon Francis Remix) below.

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Photo Credits: Rukes.com