Diplo speaks out after incident at Major Lazer show

Diplo and the Major Lazer team have been down in Brazil to celebrate Carnival, however their performances haven’t come without their troubles though as a shooting occurred before they were due to perform on Tuesday down in South America.

In São Paulo, a man and a woman were reportedly shot after an attempted theft, bringing the show to a halt. Luckily all those involved survived the incident and as a result of the activity, Diplo has come out and issued a statement to all those concerned:

“I am very sad to know that people were hurt in a moment of joy and happiness like Carnival. It’s been 20 years since I came to Brazil and it was the first time that I witnessed any type of violence. But we must not let this end the freedom brought by the spirit of Carnival.”

In addition, he continued to detail how they were ready to perform 15 minutes after the medical teams had dealt with the injured and declared that the events had not put him off of returning to one of the worlds most vibrant cities next year.

Aside from the shooting, it appears Diplo and his fellow Major Lazer group members have had a jubilant time down in South America as he posted this shortly after his statement.


Image Credit: Rukes.com


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