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DJ Snake remixes Cardi B ‘Coronavirus (S*** Is Real!)’ quote

Iconic producer DJ Snake has taken the charismatic quote from Cardi BCoronavirus (S*** Is Real!)‘ to the studio and created a huge remix. The Frenchman made sure everyone could enjoy of this version by sharing it to his social accounts.

Coronavirus has been pausing the operations of the entire music festival industry. The first big festivals including Tomorrowland Winter and Ultra Music Festival Miami that normally represent the start of the season have now been cancelled or postponed and instead of enjoying of amazing performances, new shows and new music, both artists, promoters, press, media and fans among many other agents, have had to give up on the shows to lockdown in their homes and protect against this pandemic. However, this is not all bad news, as artists have more time to invest in the studio and more songs will be in the making.

Last week famous American rapper Cardi B ranted about coronavirus with statement that went viral. She said the following ‘If you’re wondering why your weave or your fashion packages haven’t arrived, guess what b****, coronavirus! coronavirus! … I’m telling you, s*** is getting real’. Right after that, the first remixes didn’t take long to appear in the internet. DJ Snake created his very own mini remix of the rant. Before jumping on the production, the Frenchman gets cautious by getting some antibacterial gel in his hands and then starts the remix using a couple of basic notes, creates an arp with the sound of a fork tapping on a glass and then he adds some percussive elements, a solid bass-line and plays around with the artists voice.

Check the DJ Snake vs Cardi B remix below:


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