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Ferry Corsten announces new album under new project

Ferry Corsten is a trance heavyweight in the electronic music scene with already multiple aliases and projects, including System F, and Gouryella amongst others. On pretty much every trance event, you’ll find one of these, while he’s also about to start his ‘WHAT THE F’ show concept in the UK and US, bringing music of all three projects into one show. Today, the Dutch trance producer has announced a project, including album, that will focus cinematic, experimental and orchestral music.

In a signed letter that Corsten posted across his social media channels captioned “Please Read“, he goes into detail as to why he’s taking this step in his career and life.

While he has his three major established projects already and that producing is the biggest passion in his life along with his busy touring life, the subconscious need to create music that pleases fans is limiting the creative process behind it. So while he enjoys creating music to please others, the music coming from this project, that will have an album coming up as well, will be music ‘for him’. The project has yet to be named and as mentioned earlier will focus on cinematic, experimental and orchestral music, as he found a profound love for this music and these have made him more relaxed and focus throughout the years.

Even if this album is going to be music, that is created for himself, he does want to share it with people seeking serenity in their day-to-day lives and those trying to find their still point.

We are really looking forward to this album and new sounds coming from Ferry Corsten! You can read the full letter below.


Image Credit: Ferry Corsten Press / Provided by Armada PR

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