Four Tet

Four Tet releases new album ‘Sixteen Oceans’

Four Tet has just released his newest album ‘Sixteen Oceans’ and it’s a delicate masterpiece.

Real name Kieran Hebden, Four Tet comes from London, England and has made his mark in electronic music well over the years.  He’s worked with artists such as Lana Del Ray, Explosions in the Sky and Black Sabbath, to name a few.  Before Hebden ventured off to now be known as Four Tet, he was a prominent member of the band Fridge, a UK post-rock band that was founded in 1995.  Before the release of ‘Sixteen Oceans‘ Four Tet has been involved with numerous improvisational works with jazz drummer Steve Reid and Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

This album is nothing short of magical and provides a sense of calm during this crazy time in the world. The sixteen-track record provides tons of ambient space but at the same time manages to keep us grounded. The album opener ‘School’ gives us more of an electronica vibe and acts as a precursor to what is about to ensue with the use of a beautiful melody and a sequenced drum loop that we never want to end. Four Tet’s carefully placed atmospherical sounds on ‘Sixteen Oceans‘ encapsulates us and makes us feel that we’ve come full circle with nature. Speaking of nature, the well-suited name ‘Sixteen Oceans‘ uses tons of nature sounds, so expect to hear tons of waves crashing, birds chirping and perhaps sounds of crunching leaves throughout the ‘Sixteen Oceans‘ journey. The second track called ‘Baby’ features vocals from Ellie Goulding thats chopped bits of the line ’cause baby you’re all I have’ planted alongside the seed of a drum loop. Another notable song is ‘Green’ that opens up with a beautiful bird and chime melody that lingers for a little over 30 seconds until we’re introduced to big vocal synth pads and violins coming peeking through from time to time. The most beautiful aspect of this album is how well it all fits together, each song intertwines with the next carrying the theme throughout while keeping a steady pace transferring you from the ocean to sand to sky.

Visit Four Tet’s website for tour dates here and listen to Four Tet’s ‘Sixteen Oceans‘ below:


Image Credit: Four Tet (Press)