Italian festivals suffer huge setback after being banned until 3rd April

The entertainment industry is currently going through one of its darkest phases amidst the Corona Virus outbreak. Some of the most prestigious events and music festivals have been canceled over the past couple of days due to the spread of COVID-19. Sadly, Italian fans are set to be amongst the major sufferers as their government has decided to ban all upcoming events and festivals until 3rd April at least.

After witnessing the worst death toll in Europe due to COVID-19, the Italian administration made a decision in favor of this crucial measure that will also affect universities, schools, and all other events. The announcement comes just a day after the cancellation of other major festivals like Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland Winter.


Promoters and club-owners in Italy are having a tough time managing these last-minute changes in schedule. It’s quite clear that Italian festivals, as well as the rest of the industry, are expected to face a significant amount of loss due to these necessary preventive measures. In the wake of this announcement, this is how the owner of Milan-based party Take It Easy reacted –

“We’ve dropped 19 events to be precise. The scariest thing is the fact that no one guarantees that on April 3rd the situation will be back to normal. The winter season is definitely over. I don’t think we’ll see anything in the clubs between now and May. In fact, I doubt it very much.”

Concerned about the negative impact of the outbreak on the entertainment industry, the founder of the Goa club in Rome said –

“We ask the state to understand our position and work on measures to assure we can keep the salaries of the many people who are behind the entertainment business: staff, security, promoters, agencies, artists, hotels, drivers, press offices, hostesses, graphic designers, secretaries, etc.”

While no further details have been released as of yet, be sure to keep up with future updates here.

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