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Lady Gaga shares her ‘Women Of Choice Playlist’ which includes Rezz, Sophie, TOKiMONSTA & more

After calling upon Tchami and BloodPoop for their top notch production skills on hit single “Stupid Love,” the pop sensation known as Lady Gaga clearly has a love for electronic music. Celebrating National Women’s Day last week, Lady Gaga has made her very own playlist on Apple Music which includes globally recognized female producers such as Peggy Gou, TOKiMONSTA and even the space mom known as Rezz.

Curating a playlist of thirty one hit singles which portray how fierce and talented women are in the industry today, the playlist shines a light on Peggy Gou’s seducing single “It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)” to Rezz’s bass infused single “Edge.” Sharing her excitement on her official Twitter page, Rezz states “Lady Gaga put my song Edge in her curated playlist so basically I’ve peaked.” As the enticing playlist is described to be “an exclusive playlist of club-pop visionaries, curated by Lady Gaga,” the queen of pop has included singles from Grimes, HANA, Charli XCX, Slayyyter, St. Vincent and much more to brighten up your weekend routine. Of course Lady Gaga’s playlist would not be complete without a vibrant single from house connoisseur Tchami on “Ghosts” featuring stunning vocals from HANA herself.

Check out the full playlist below and let us know your favourite track in the comments.



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