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Welcome to a new chapter.

Premiere: Maddix – Ecstacy

Home Uncategorized Premiere: Maddix – Ecstacy

Welcome to a new chapter. Forget the Maddix you know, because a new era is set to rise from the ashes. He now sheds his previous skin and adopts a new direction on ‘Ecstasy’, offering us our first glimpse into this fresh, new direction – say hello to Maddix 2.0…

Burning as bright as a roaring flame, Maddix’s fusion of racing, ravey anthems and electro-laced takes shows a performative and multi-faceted side to the artist and, on this latest release for Revealed Recordings, he introduces us to this cutting-edge new chapter. Both deeper and more progressive than before, shifting into more emotive, albeit powerful, strokes of genius, as a sensual vocal entices with commands and whispers of “Move with me/ Dance With Me/ Take Me/ Ecstasy”, the track fuses together high-tuned whirrs of synth for the lower-ends to rumble and blast forth, ushering in his forward-facing new period of production style.

Envision being on a post apocalyptic rave in 2021, where bright souls in dark rooms head into a progressive, almost trance-like state of euphoria, make sure you get a taste of Maddix’s novel and latest switch-up in sound and get lost in total ‘Ecstasy’.

The track is out on Revealed Recordings now, and you can check it out below! Let us know what you think of this one across our social media channels.

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