Matisse & Sadko

Matisse & Sadko – Strings Again

With their second release of 2020, Matisse & Sadko have returned, adding their irresistible new track ‘Strings Again‘ to their progressive arsenal.

Dazzling us with their captivating melodies, the Russian duo have displayed their progressive prowess once more, guiding enchanting vocal chops through ever-vibrant top-lines that have become typical of the pair. As a perfect follow up track to ‘Best Thing’ with Matluck, ‘Strings Again’ is a true masterpiece with the potential to uplift listeners across the world. It is awesome to see the brothers still going strong in the dance music industry having mastered their own individual sound, coming a long way from their days back on Steve Angello’s SIZE Records to now release this on STMPD Rcrds.

This weekend the duo were set to perform a once-in-a-lifetime B2B set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami alongside another special duo, Dubvision. Due to unforeseen circumstances with the recent coronavirus pandemic, the festival has been forced to be postponed until next year meaning that Alexander and Yury could not grace their stage with their new progressive anthem. As much as we will miss UMF this year, thankfully Matisse & Sadko have made the release available across major streaming platforms so that you can blare out ‘Strings Again’ as many times as you want in the comfort of your own home. Check out the link below!


Image Credit: Matisse & Sadko (Press / via SergeyFree)

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