MGMT – As You Move Through The World

Psychedelic synth-pop band MGMT have been responsible for all our favourite hits over the years, since starting up in 2002. Their earlier tracks like ‘Kids’‘Electric Feel’ and ‘Time to Pretend’ are still massive hits in today’s decade, and are bound to send any listener down a nostalgia-filled lane of happy memories. There’s not many artists like them that have a near-perfect track record of producing massive hit after massive hit, and the band have continued this track record all the way into 2020.

Unfortunately, they have also fallen victim to the COVID-19 virus, and have joined a long list of artists that have had to postpone shows with theirs being in Mexico and Houston, Texas (with Tame Impala), so to cheer not only themselves but their fanbase up they decided to release a brand new track to the world early as a special treat. In their words: “Everyone knows we all need a 7 and a half minute downtempo ambient instrumental track to listen to while we’re NOT moving through the world.”

In true MGMT style, ‘As You Move Through The World’ is a pure psychedelic trip and is more of an experience than just a track to listen to. From the get go, listeners are transported into that familiar dreamlike world that the tracks of the well-loved band have been known to put listeners into. It’s around the 2:20 mark where the drums kick in, and we can see the track slowly build up all of it’s elements together before culminating in a wonderful array of sounds at 3 minutes where vocals kick in to put the cherry on top of the synth-pop cake.

You can listen to the track below on Spotify, or to also directly support the band click here to buy the track on Bandcamp. Prepare to be sent into a complete daze as the enchanting melodies wash over you in a truly magical way!


Image Credit: Brianna Hager via Flickr

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