One World Radio: a year of Tomorrowland’s radio station

Originally set up to celebrate 15 years of Tomorrowland, their very own radio station One World Radio was created, and it’s still going strong an entire year later. Pushing the Tomorrowland brand further than just their events, it follows in the footsteps of the likes of Insomniac’s (leading American events brand behind EDC Las Vegas and a whole lot more) Night Owl Radio station, and integrates fans with the festival brand in an entirely new way, providing entertainment for not just two weekends, (three, if you also count Tomorrowland Winter) but 24/7. Setting itself up with the promise of exclusive tracks, unique mixes, new releases and iconic sets and a lot more, it became something that the electronic community were raving about.

Starting out in February of 2019, it was kicked off with a celebratory mix by Steve Aoki at the holy grounds of Tomorrowland, in person, with the hot air balloon in the shape of the logo next to him. Certainly one of the more unique radio launches, it was a huge thing to say that this was only meant to be a temporary station to celebrate the success of 15 consecutive years. Fast forward 12 months, and it looks like it’s truly here to stay.

Everything that Tomorrowland does is always on a big scale and by no means small in any way, and so it came as no surprise when they roped in some of the biggest names in the electronic industry to do regular guest mixes and show takeovers, alongside their regular hosts Adam K, Camille Pollie and Justin Wilkes who hosted the ‘Daybreak Sessions’ and ‘Unite Forever’ shows which promised special guests, mixes to kickstart the day/weekend and much more. Currently their resident hosts include Armin van BuurenNERVO and MC Stretch who host their respective shows ‘Armin’s Weekend Kick-off’, ‘Tomorrowland Top 30’ and ‘Relive The Madness’. It shows just how big and successful this station is to be able to rope in some of the biggest names in the current electronic scene and have them all to themselves for one day out of the week.

Getting to the anniversary of their station though, One World Radio went bigger than ever before and in 24 continuous hours, they brought in 48 top artists to join in on the party. Names like Dimitri Vegas & Like MikeMortenSalvatore GanacciYves V and more brought their mixes to keep the good vibes flowing and it truly became a celebration like no radio station has seen before – especially one that was conceived just for an anniversary of a festival.

Promising plenty of surprises for their next year like live streams from Tomorrowland itself, more incredible and unique mixes and much, much more, One World Radio has become not just an extension of the festival we all know and love but rather a whole different thing on its own, to celebrate the best in electronic music.

To keep the party going non-stop, you can download their official app via their website here, and stay tuned for the latest schedules and exclusive shows.

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