EDC Las Vegas 2022

Pasquale Rotella releases EDC Las Vegas statement regarding COVID-19

EDC Las Vegas is one of the handfuls of festivals that have not canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus). The festival set to take place in May has left many ticket holders anxious about what will happen. As the festival brings in over 400,000 people, many are worried about the spread of the virus. Pasquale Rotella, the owner of Insomniac, released a statement regarding the future of EDC Las Vegas.

In a reassuring and comforting tone, Pasquale stated that the show is still going on. This decision is based on a day-to-day analysis of the situation. Insomniac’s main priority is the people and if the situation worsens or does not get better by May, then EDC will be postponed. Pasquale Rotella confirms in the statement that they have contingency plans with dates both in June and later in the fall.

Undoubtedly, Insomniac is doing its best to keep the show going on. Moreover, they will keep every headliner (ticket holder) notified with the latest updates. Thirty days before the original date, ticket holders will know the fate of the festival. A refund will be offered if people can not attend the original date. Seeing EDC Las Vegas postponed or canceled will be the last major festival to do so. We will keep you updated on the situation. Check out the full statement below:

Image Credit: Jose Murga for Insomniac Events


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