Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk teams up with Kinetica on new collab ‘First Contact’

Are you currently having to stay at home? Well you should. Do you also like trance? Well you also should. In which case, two bits of good news courtesy of trance legend Paul Van Dyk. He’s not only just released a banging new tune, ‘First Contact‘, and is also keeping us entertained through lock-down with a series of live streams.

First up, the track in question. ‘First Contact‘ is a collaboration with Belfast-based producer Kinetica. If you’re one of those trance-heads who likes it upfliting, euphoric, and throughly old-school, you’ll love this one. Few do it like quite PvD and this is no exception. A fine peak-hour track, that gives us a bit of joy in these tricky times. Just a shame there’s no clubs open to hear it live in! Or is there…

Because like many producers and DJs at the moment, Paul van Dyk is currently hosting a series of regular live streams from his home studio. Entitled PC Music Night, the first couple were also a collab, with fellow Berliner Chris Bekker, however the latest episode was a solo show due to the new rules on meeting up with friends that have also come into play in Germany. You can re-watch previous episodes however, and Paul seems to be making a regular series out of this, so keep an eye on his Facebook page for more info.

You can also listen to ‘First Contact‘ in full below.


Image Credit: Christoph Köstlin / Provided by Stark Profiles PR