Pig&Dan – Tunnel Vision Pt. 1 EP

Pig&Dan have just released their new EP ‘Tunnel Vision Pt. 1‘. The techno duo (real name Dan Duncan and Igor Tchkotoua) came about whilst crossing paths on a flight together back in 1999 on the way to Mallorca, Spain. Dan, a resident DJ at Ministry of Sound touring globally and Igor, headlining underground raves across Britain and producing music under the name ‘Tropic39’.  Since then, they’ve gone on to release music for Drumcode Recordings, SOMA, and eventually started their own label ‘ELEVATE’.  The pair is also known to have collaborated with Adam Beyer‘s ‘We Are E’.

The ‘Tunnel Vision Pt. 1’ EP has four heart-pounding tracks. The album opener, ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ has heavy basslines and synths that come from all sorts of directions with a call-and-response lead and melody that hits every beat imaginable. The second, ‘Tunnel Vision’ takes us on a whirlwind adventure for seven minutes, opening with a deep kick and sweeping closed hats that open up throughout the song.  All different themes come and go, each more enticing than the last, but still manages to keep your head bobbing along the way.  The third song, ‘Fracture’ gives us such a reminisce of an old-school underground vibe, the hot and dirty kind. ‘Fracture’ incorporates pitch-shifts of not only synths but hi-hats building the song up and breaking it back down. The use of telephone-filter vocals placed generously throughout the song adds to the mystery of this track.  The fourth and final song, ‘Traces’ begins unlike the rest of the EP, this time with a big bassline synth and lead, until the introduction of a kick that comes around the two-minute mark that opens up a world of other melodies, but Pig&Dan still revert us back in due time.

Stream ‘Tunnel Vision Pt. 1’ below:

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