Porter Robinson at Hard Summer Music Festival 2016

Porter Robinson reveals a virtual Nurture world

American DJ and producer Porter Robinson started the new decade with a bang, releasing his first solo tracks since 2014. With the release of new singles ‘Get Your Wish’ and ‘Something Comforting’ he revealed his upcoming album ‘Nurture’. Now he also delivered something else to his fanbase, a website focused on his brand new work, a 3D interactive space that connects you with another player anywhere in the world. His latest singles are two spaces that can be explored and interacted with so far, however there are four arrows on the webpage, so we can probably expect another two releases soon.

Since almost the entire world is currently isolated due to the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, it is very important to stay connected in these hard times and the Nurture website is offering you that, as well as to listen to the music of ‘Nurture’. Next to all the fun that you can have on there there is even a possibility that you’ll find and connect with the artist himself on the website. If you see a flashing black and white avatar, that is Porter Robinson. On his Twitter he shared the first interaction that he had with another person in the virtual world of Nurture, check it out below.

We are sure that the website will amuse you during the isolation. There are so many details that Porter and his team devoted their time to, so take your time and explore all of them. As you enter each of the available rooms, you get a chance to sing along to the lyrics of the tracks that run across your tab like a teleprompter and watch the nature in ‘Get Your Wish’ change. It is possible to explore the landscapes, so try out what running around the virtual world will do and hopefully forget about the real world and the problems that we are currently facing at least for some time.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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