Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson to release ‘Something Comforting’ tomorrow

After exploding back onto the scene with new track Get Your Wish‘ and the announcement of second studio album Nurture‘ coming out some time this year (specific date to be revealed soon), Porter Robinson proved that he’s back and better than ever. With his first album ‘Worlds’ being released back in 2014, it felt like a followup album was more than due and 2020 is finally the year.

Something great about Porter is that he has the ability to whip not only his loyal fanbase into a frenzy, but also his fellow producers in the electronic scene too. With many taking to Twitter to express their excitement and love for his first single of the year, ‘Get Your Wish’, music lovers and music makers alike get just as excited when it comes to new Porter material. Tomorrow, there’s even more to be excited about as the second single ‘Something Comforting’ is arriving to our streaming platforms.

Not making us wait long, Porter Robinson took to his social accounts to announce the exciting news. Posting the song title, he accompanied it with three images which look like the type of aesthetic he is going in, in regards to the creative direction of this new era of music. We can’t wait to hear what ‘Something Comforting’ will sound like, so check back tomorrow for a review of the track itself when it comes out!


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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