San Holo

San Holo – (if only i could) hold you

Labelling his music as ‘post-edm’, San Holo has been changing the game for a long time now. Since before the release of album1, he has been incorporating his guitar skills into creating a softer version of the electronic music we hear today, and thus has shown that electronic music can work with non-electronic instruments to create something entirely new and exciting. Carrying on this ‘post-edm’ style of music making, he has just released a new single titled ‘(if only i could) hold you’.

New music by the future bass master couldn’t have come at a better time, and to combat the sadness of show cancellations he announced that he will be releasing a lot of new music in these coming weeks, and with the cover of the single having the words ‘an ever expanding music collection by San Holo’ we can expect a whole array of vibrant tunes to get us through the coming weeks.

‘(if only i could) hold you’ is as gentle-sounding as you would expect, and from the first few seconds it instantly hits us in the feelings with the enchanting guitar sounds and vocal chops. With an incredible sense of knowing how to provoke the right emotions and create tracks that people can genuinely connect to on a deeper level, San has outdone himself once again and proved that ‘post-edm’ is the new EDM.

Listen to the beautiful track below, and stay tuned for more new tracks by the Dutch mastermind coming soon.


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