Martin Garrix ends season four of The Martin Garrix show with a bang

Dutch EDM wizard Martin Garrix has just dropped the season finale of his fourth season of The Martin Garrix Show. Episode 18 was officially released on Tuesday this week on Martin’s YouTube channel, the main topic of it being UEFA EURO 2020. In the previous episodes the young talent took us alongside his summer tour, Amsterdam Dance Event, gave us an insight into his recovery after the ankle injury, and shared a flashback to the Winter Olympics in 2018. The previous year was definitely one of the hardest, craziest, but also most successful to date.

Episode 18 starts out with Garrix explaining the story behind his collaboration with UEFA and says that they have been already talking about it for the past two years. They put him in charge of all the music for the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament, which is of course a big honour for any artist, but takes a lot of time, preparations and dedication. For this special occasion he teamed up with composer Franck van der Heijden, pianist Giorgio Tuinfort and the orchestra. Together they worked on a very unique song, full of emotions, greatness and with a very different style from what we are used to hear from Martin. The next few minutes we follow the artist and his team to Leon, Mexico, where they attend the Balloon Festival during the day and top if off with an incredible performance at night. The main highlight of the episode is definitely the final draw for EURO 2020, which takes place in Bucharest, Romania, they announce that Martin Garrix will be the official music artist and the mastermind behind the soundtrack for the tournament and a short sneak peak of what the song is going to sound like is revealed with the orchestra.

We are already looking forward to the next season of The Martin Garrix show, as it just keeps getting better and better! Check out the full season four finale below:

Image Credit: Louis van Baar



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