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Spotify employees will work from home for two weeks

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, economists all over the world are working hard to find new ways for the people to carry on with their jobs without risking their health. The two-week work from home policy has been globally accepted by many firms, including Sony Pictures Entertainment. Unsurprisingly, the international music streaming platform Spotify has also enforced this two-week work from home period for all its employees.

Major music festivals, live events and entertainment companies including Live Nation and the Winter Music Conference have already fallen victim to the COVID-19 outspread. In the wake of all these mishappenings in the electronic music industry, the CEO of Spotify – Daniel Ek announced this decision.

“We all have an obligation to delay the spread of the virus and thus the expected pressure on our healthcare system.”

This news from Spotify comes just a few days after they revealed their plans regarding extra charges for artists and labels for the advertising services. At the time of writing, there is no concrete news about the future of the advertising decision but it is expected to be postponed amidst the influence of this pandemic on the corporate sector.

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