Spotify fights COVID-19 with Music Relief Project

Spotify, one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world, has just announced how they will help out during the Coronavirus pandemic. The recent outbreak of the virus took its toll on the music industry, hundreds of events around the world are getting cancelled and postponed, but apparently that’s not the only thing. Reportedly, for the past few weeks people have been also streaming less music, on Monday Rolling Stone shared the report based on information from Alpha Data, which says that music streams in the United States dropped 7.6 percent to below 20.1 billion from March 13 to 19, the week restaurants, nightlife and other businesses closed due to COVID-19.

Spotify has announced on its social media platforms that it will work with organisations such as MusiCares, PRS Foundation and Help Musicians, which offer relief to the music industry. Their plan is not only to donate to these companies, but also plan to match up to a collective $10 million donated through their project. Which means if we as a community donate $5 million they will match that to help out those most in need.

But that’s not all that the streaming company is working on at the moment. They are also implementing a completely new feature on their platform which will enable artists to raise funds from their fans directly through their artist page. From that they are able to choose if they would like to donate the money to their favourite charity, another artist in need, or use the money for improvement of their own career.

In these hard times it is very important to follow the guidelines, stay home and stay safe. A part of that is as well social distancing and because of that artists from around the world are helping their fans fight the loneliness with various live DJ sets, virtual concerts, community sing-alongs and many other ways of online entertainment. Don’t forget to support your favourite artists, stream their music and help them get through the current crisis.

Image Credit: Thibault Penin on Unsplash

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