SVDDEN DEATH’s VOYD project will include a collaboration with Rezz

Bass enthusiasts around the world were introduced to a anonymous SoundCloud account using the name “voyd.” After questioning who was behind this mysterious account which was fueling listeners with monstrous basslines and incredible sound design, SVDDEN DEATH finally announced he was behind the mysterious account along with collaborations from several bass heavyweights. Satisfying the bass scene even further, the space mom known as Rezz has unveiled she and SVDDEN DEATH will be collaborating on a new tune for his VOYD project. If one thing is for sure, listeners can expect a dark and mystical approach to this collaboration.

After Rezz has been making her own waves in the bass scene, she was recently added to “Lady Gaga’s Women Of Choice Playlist,” and her very own cult known as “The Cult of Rezz” could not have been happier for her. With SVDDEN DEATH recently releasing his iconic collaboration on “Crusade” with Marshmello, bass enthusiasts around the world were shocked by this monstrous collaboration in the books. As Rezz and SVDDEN DEATH are ready to shake up the bass scene once again with an upcoming collaboration on the VOYD project, the anticipation is building as we wait for more information coming shortly.


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