Third Party

Third Party – Take Me Away

A year on from the launch of their hugely successful second studio album ‘TOGETHER’, popular UK pair Third Party are back, proudly presenting the next chapter in their musical evolution, via euphoric new single ‘Take Me Away’The release, which marks the duo’s first original single since ‘Falling’ in early 2019, follows their widely acclaimed remix of Armin van Buuren’s ‘All Comes Down’ last month and serves as an aural embodiment to the pair’s own personal feelings regarding inspiration through tranquility.

Moving away from city life to the English countryside to reside in a wooden lodge for a month with no social media or technological distractions, ‘Take Me Away’ represents Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass (aka Third Party)’s search for that midas creative touch following a whirlwind career period which saw the duo rack up over 70 million Spotify streams on debut album ‘HOPE’, and follow-up TOGETHER’, in the space of a hectic two-year span.

With vocals once again provided by Harry, who featured prominently across the course of ‘TOGETHER’, both the title, and lyrics (written by Third Party themselves) of ‘Take Me Away’ reflect the need to escape the often-exhausting and fast-paced lifestyle of 2020, with the single marking a shift in creative emphasis for the pair, who look to craft a flurry of authentic future productions based on their own feelings. Filled with a familiar melody to the most ardent of Third Party fans – with the duo previously teasing it in many of their explosive live sets – ‘Take Me Away’ is filled with the signature sound of the duo’s Release Records label, a euphoric and progressive hook packed with mainstage elements, whilst also combining with a distinctly emotive touch.

Marking the start of an exciting new road en route to their third studio album, ‘Take Me Away’ gives us a hugely fascinating glimpse into the future of the duo’s sound. The track – sure to instantly cement a reputation as a new fan’s favourite – is out now.



Image Credit: Sam Neill

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