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World’s longest DJ set to be broken in Italy amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Despite Italy being in the midst of a national disaster on an unprecedented scale, the resilience of the Italian community is one to be admired. Only shortly after footage of residents singing ballads from balconies went viral, another kind of music is taking minds off the deadly coronavirus. Italian club The Temple Of Lost Future has enlisted some local talent, and is to attempting to set the world’s longest DJ set, aiming for a huge 340 hours of non-stop music.

The record, which was set in 2016 by Nigerian DJ, DJ Obi, was 229 hours long. The Temple plans to beat that record by over 4 days, and if successful will dedicate the record to, “Italian health and medical personnel who in these days are saving thousands of lives by enduring truly admirable physical and professional efforts.”

On The Temple’s event page they stated,

During the DJ set, Italian and international artists, promoters of cultural centers and clubs from all over the World will participate by telephone, telling how this virus has radically changed the lives and professions of everyone, each bearing their own testimony,”

This attempt at the world’s longest DJ set will no doubt unify the dance music community of Italy under these devastating circumstances, with the help of DJs and announcers, Neill Landstrumm, Fabrizio Rat, Enrico SangiulianoLele Sacchi, and Nerone, who all set to feature during the 2 week period.

The set began at 9pm on March 20th, and is set to finish after 14 days and 4 hours at 12am on the 3rd of April. Tune in to the live stream on Youtube here, or on Instagram here, and stay up to date with any announcements on their event page here.

Image Credit: Ayana Wyse on Unsplash

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