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Yellow Claw’s Barong Family release new EP and broadcast live set to fans impacted by Coronavirus

Just recently a few of Yellow Claw’s Barong Family crew came together to bring “Supernoize” to dance floors around the world. With hard-hitting and eclectic producers blessing the global imprint which includes RayRay, Crisis Era, Rawtek, Radical Redemption, Nonsens, Stoltenhoff and many more, the Barong Family crew have undoubtedly built a global fan base ready to rage through their meticulous and fast-tempo production style. Feeling ready to go hard no matter what time of the day it is? It is your lucky day as Barong Family have just released their highly anticipated ‘Hard in Bangkok Pt. 1’ EP which is a little taste of what is to come with the release of the full twenty track album on March 27th.

With the motivation to allow their family to push boundaries and explore the beauty of experimental production, Yellow Claw have always had a vision to build a community of not only motivated fans, but producers who are willing to go the extra mile to further develop their signature sound. Not letting the Coronavirus get in the way of their audience going hard with the dutch duo themselves, Yellow Claw broadcasted a live set from their home studio in Bali via Chinese social media platform known as Huya. As many of their fans in Asia are quarantined and unable to leave their homes to attend shows, the two hour long show attracted 2.2 million viewers and many even fans hosted their very own viewing parties to go hard no matter what the circumstances are.

Whether it be trap, bass, hip-hop or even hard style, the Barong Family crew took a trip down to Bangkok,Thailand in 2019 and recorded Hard In Bangkok which consists of 14 internationally recognized artists. While “Supernoize” begins to fire up the party with a series of annihilating synths and reverberating bass lines, the destructive sound RayRay has incorporated in the single does not go noticed. The second collaboration by Crisis Era and Rawtek known as “Ill as This,” incorporates drum claps, distorted vocals and a filthy bass line to initiate a groove on the dance floor. Now, if we all know Bangkok well enough, going hard is an understatement as SIHK and Stoltenhoff bring out a hard-style infused sound which is gravitated by a series of distortion and futuristic instrumentals. Ending on the hardest note, Radical Redemption and Nonsens welcome listeners to the “Beat Hotel” which includes wonky instrumentals and high pitched frequencies firing at a heart racing pace. After sharing a short documentary behind the scenes of creating the album and further strengthening the Barong Family imprint, It is safe to say these producers are only getting warmed up for this month.

Check out part 1 of the album and let us know your favourite track in the comments below.


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