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7 electronic dance music festivals college students shouldn’t miss when quarantine is over
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7 electronic dance music festivals college students shouldn’t miss when quarantine is over

Home Uncategorized 7 electronic dance music festivals college students shouldn’t miss when quarantine is over

There may be no other music festival in 2020; most of them have been postponed to 2021 or canceled indefinitely. The good news, however, electronic dance music festivals are held every year in different cities around the U.S. and the world. There will be hundreds of music festivals in 2021, and all you will need to do is choose EDM fests near you and attend as many as you can. Hundreds of life essay samples explain why you should make the best of your time and your life – one way to enjoy life is to attend an EDM fest.Below are some of the festivals you shouldn’t miss:


The event, which is hosted by Insomniac, is available every year and is held across five different cities. During the event, there are rave clothes you can purchase and wear to impress your date. There are more than 1000 essay examples about life and why you should make the best of every moment. Well, as you enjoy your day and this new experience, you can access free essay topics and samples if you need one while you’re hanging out. The Crush music festival might be in your town next year; watch out. Crush is the ideal event if you need to celebrate love with your loved one.


CRSSD is a music festival held twice every year in Waterfront Park in San Diego, California. As one of the music festivals in 2021, it only allows those who are at least 21 years. While you are advised to wear classy casuals, keep an eye on the weather charts as light showers might be experienced. The headlines for the event change every year.

Miami Music Week

There are only a few things that ignite more fun in people than Miami summers. Every year, the city parties for six days. Some of the best DJs in the world migrate to Miami to deliver fun. You can hop from one venue to the next as you enjoy the fest. If you have read free life essays and understand why you should party once in a while, look out for this fest that is held around March every year.


Every year, Indio Valley hosts two weekends of music and arts, an amazing line up of artists from around the world grace the party. There will also be fashion bloggers, celebrities, and stylists. As such, the saying “dress for the occasion” applies to this event. You might have to pay more for this event than the others. If you have learned something from reading essays on life, you know the cost will be worth it.


Electronic dance music festivals get better when Vegas is involved. If you want to experience Vegas like a VIP, attend the Exodus fest. Some of the best DJs from around the world grace the event that is held over four weekends every year. You will be given an Exodus wristband that gives you access to more than ten parties with more than 20 DJs.


Every year, hip-hop and electronic artists meet in North Carolina or Michigan for a 2-day music festival. The event is affordable. Headliners change every year to make the event entertaining.

Lighting in a Bottle, LiB

If you need a camping experience with music from a variety of genres, LiB might be the event for you. You can enjoy indie-alternative, hip-hop, experimental-electronic, and much more. Besides tunes, you can attend talks, workshops, and discussions where you learn new ways of making the best of your life. Plan for the hot days and cold nights.


There will be hundreds of other music festivals in 2021, including the Movement in Detroit, MI, The Governor’s Ball in New York, Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN, Paradiso in George, WA, and Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI, among others. To enjoy every moment, choose the electronic dance music festivals near you and those you can afford.


Image Credit: A. L. on Unsplash

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