Ableton Live Suite 10 is now available for a free 90-day trial during COVID-19 outbreak

Whether you are simply bored at home or have always wanted to try producing music, Ableton is providing you the opportunity to explore your creative side. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Ableton is now offering a free 90-day trial of their highly recognized Live Suite 10. Music producers and future producers, this is your opportunity to shine bright and connect with music on a whole new level during quarantine season.

Normally offering a free trial for 30 days, Ableton is not only providing music lovers more time to explore the DAW, but is offering 56 audio effects and MDI to master your sound. On top of that, Ableton is giving access to 13 innovative instruments which include the Operator, Wavetable and Analog to craft your new single. With Steve AokiBassnectar and a wide range of global producers using Abelton Live on the regular, it is safe this reputable software is about to make quarantine a whole lot more enjoyable. For all those producers currently using Ableton Live 9, have no fears as you can still sign up for the 90 day trial and your current library will not be adjusted.

Get your free download of Ableton Live Suite 10 here and let your creativity rise in the comfort of your own home.


Image Credit: Erwi on Unsplash



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