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Alan Walker releases touching new track, ‘Heading Home’

‘Heading Home’, one of Alan Walker’s most anticipated tracks since its live premiere four years ago, has finally seen a commercial release. With the help of Norwegian rising star Ruben on vocals, the relaxed track is a moving, radio ready hit. Despite the more modern, pop production of the commercial release, Walker has decided to give back to fans who fell in love with the original version back in 2016, by releasing the original demo version, aptly titled, ‘heading_home_demo2016.wav’.

Initially premiering at all the way back in 2016, at Walker’s debut live show at X-Games Norway, it has since been a favorite among fans. As the demo was premiered only shortly after the release of ‘Faded’, you can definitely hear a strong influence, noticeably through Walker’s signature filtered super-saw sound.

The track opens with a beautiful guitar melody, introducing Ruben’s rustic vocals shortly afterwards. Walker brings in a rhythmic percussion section, which leads into a striped down breakdown, only to build the track back into relaxed, but catchy drop. The release leans towards Walker’s new pop sound, making it a sure radio hit, although, many of the elements of the original demo can still be found in the commercial release, such as the guitar melody, vocals, and a high-pitched synth melody in the drop reminiscent of the original.

The ‘Faded’ producer explains the story behind the single, saying:

“Right after releasing ‘Faded’ in 2015, I started this demo project called ‘Heading Home.’ I performed it live once, but I’ve been working on several edits ever since, and never actually released it. Just based on that live performance, it soon became a fan favourite among Walkers. They’ve kept requesting for it to be released, so it’s great to finally get it out. I also want to give a little treat to those Walkers who have been asking for this song for years now, which is why I’m releasing the original demo as well!”

The release of ‘Heading Home’ marks the final chapter in the ‘World of Walker’ trilogy, which began with, ‘On My Way (ft. Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko’, and, ‘Alone Pt II (ft. Ava Max)’, fingers crossed this doesn’t mean we won’t have any new music from Walker in the near future. Stream the single and 2016 demo here, or watch the music video below.


Image Credit: Stian Andersen

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