‘BRAVE’ is an acceleration of innovation while celebrating the life of JOYRYDE: Listen

Jonney Ford aka JOYRYDE is widely recognized for his ability to takes his listeners on a ride through his own circuit paved with genre-bending records and gleaming visual production. From crafting his very own masterpieces which include the famous ‘HARI KARI’ signature which leaves listeners questioning themselves about where this genre-defying producer has been all their lives.With a strong team supporting him on his worldwide ‘BRAVE’ Tour which hit every continent of the world, there is no doubt that the crowd will be taken on an immersive and cinematic journey through the beauty of his signature pioneering sound. JOYRYDE’s artistic creativity shines bright through his music, visual concepts and even his humble personality during our interview with him in 2017. Although considered a bass-house legend, JOYRYDE flawlessly incorporates the use of trap, house, and even some good old hip-hop to further satisfy his RYDER cult of die-hard fans on his own terms. While many can say that the producer strives through his innovative production style, the real beauty of Jonney lies within his passion to connect with his listeners on a deeper level through his inspiring records.

While many headlines around the world have taken a focus on JOYRYDE’s delay of his highly-anticipated album ‘BRAVE,’ the 18-track masterpiece has now been released on HARD Recs with the ability to open doors to an unimaginable experience of this world fueled by the elements of surprise and fury. With ambitions of cementing his status as a catalyst in the music industry and opening up to his fan base regarding the release of album, the producer states:

“In the middle of writing an EP, a disk in my lower back collapsed. After a successful surgery, I didn’t feel like myself at all. I had to take a lot of opioid pills and nerve damage meds to cope with the pain for 5 months and it threw me into a spiral filled with hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and more. I was not in the state of mind to finish the EP anymore. I knew right then it would be a LONG time until I could release music again. To try and snap out of it, I went back to the studio and just started writing. I donʼt even remember making some of these ideas, to be honest. After a certain point, I tried to get off the meds which was super hard. After battling the shakes, withdrawals, insomnia, and overall pain, I finished one track, then a week later two more. Needless to say, the past 4 years have been a complete struggle. That’s life, you handle what youʼre given. The experience gave me a new outlook on music and what I wanna do with the rest of my time alive. My role in life is to create for others. I’ve made peace with that notion. So here is BRAVE “

With a love for crafting artistic masterpieces, JOYRYDE accelerates in innovation by providing his fans a taste of his life in 2018 with ‘Pre Op.’ By paying tribute to when he was sharing his humbleness towards his fans after a show, he shares that his life suddenly changed as his lowest disk in his back collapsed. While already establishing a deep connection with his listeners in the first one minute of the album, the dub star is ‘On Fire,‘ as he takes his listeners into his sonic environment of classic breaks and groovy bells to twist listeners minds through the use of echoing vocals. Now, it is safe to say he ‘Got Real’ with Mika Means as these artists incorporate the use of a groovy bassline and hard-hitting vocals to lead into a full on extravaganza of his energetic personality. Going even harder, the trap master called upon Nolay for ‘I Slay’ as an escape route to a new planet of futuristic, yet rap-inspired sound to go off to. Many are already thinking JOYRYDE could never ‘Fail Me’ on this album and you are absolutely right. With a momentous chorus leading up to a epic drop fuelled with pulsating camouflages and exhilarating instrumentals, a high pitched vocal takes listeners on a 130km journey through this unparalleled production style.

JOYRYDE then slows things down with ‘Majila’, taking you on a midnight cruise through a pulsating bassline which initiates into a morphed old school house groove. Drawing listeners into full ‘Focus’ as a car crashes directly into the speakers, Fze drops some nasty rhymes which work perfectly with the bass honcho’s aggressive mechanical sounds. After a successful recovery, this dynamic producer teams up with Youngs Teflon for a raw take on a hip-hop and electronic infused sound with ‘Arteries.’ With tough vocals from Teflon, a chiming instrumental intertwined with soothing vocals become apparent in the background to bring out a taste of grime. Establishing an even deeper connection with his fans, JOYRYDE’s ‘I’m Gone’ is a track he will always cherish as he started making this track while recovering from his back surgery on maximum strength pills. As female rap vocals take over with a side of distorted synths,a soft melody chimes in to provide his listeners reassurance that JOYRYDE is back and stronger than ever. For all those, tech-house fans, the multi-skilled artist did not forget about you. If you are trying to get a bit wonky in ‘Brooklyn’ while seduced with enticing vocals, this is definitely up your alley.

For all those craving some adrenaline pumping bass-house while simultaneously bringing the feels with powerful vocals, JOYRYDE has you covered with ‘Madden.’ Continuing to surprise us throughout the album, the Brit proves to his listeners that he really is capable of anything as he drives listeners into staying up all night with ‘4am.’ Through the use of sub-frequencies, pulsating vibrations, distorted vocals and a solid bass-house groove, his ability to perfect his sound design does not go unnoticed. Grime lovers, listen till the end for another epic surprise from the driver himself. With subtle hints of trap showcased in his next single ‘RTTB,‘ the UK producer easily fuses mono-tone vocals with a dark, yet mystic bassline which seems to increase in tempo over time. Carefully crafting each single to showcase the personal journey of the producer, ‘Selecta 19′ already portrays a story in itself. After producing this track a while ago, he re-worked this track to bring out a side of the underground we did not even know we needed in our lives. By pummelling the speakers with a plethora of frequencies and amplifying his passion for jaw-dropping sounds, JOYRYDE absolutely smashed this one in the best way possible. Always having a few tricks up his sleeves, this eclectic producer included a bonus track of ‘Damn’ with vocals from Freddie Gibbs which can easily ignite any crowd around the globe.

As JOYRYDE can be considered an artist of many talents which include producing and directing his very own music videos, ‘Brave’ truly acts as a celebration of his life. From the darkest days where you know you cannot keep moving forward even if you wanted to and the brightest ones playing in front of thousands of fans, JOYRYDE has enabled his audience to capture the essence of his story both as a musician and a fighter. You can listen to ‘BRAVE’ below:



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