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BREAKING: Mysteryland 2020 is postponed to 2021

The 2020 edition of the Dutch festival Mysteryland is postponed to August 27th-29th 2021, after the release of an official statement from the organizers on their website and social media platforms. This is yet another festival impacted by the crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past few weeks, other major events have also been postponed to 2021, such as Tomorrowland Belgium, Tomorrowland Winter, and Ultra Music Festival Miami.

Mysteryland 2020 was supposed to take place from August 28th until August 30th in the Netherlands, however, the Dutch government has issued an official directive requiring the postponement of all events scheduled until 1 September. It is evident that any announcement related to the cancellation or postponement of a festival generates sadness for fans and organizers, however, it is a government decision supported by the organizers, according to the excerpt taken in a statement exposed on Mysteryland’s Instagram: “This announcement is hard to digest for us all, however, we understand and support the governmental decision that has just been issued.

Also, the organizers have disclose more information about the next steps which will help attendees who had already acquired tickets:
To all of you in possession of a ticket, camping package, or hotel package, you will be contacted via email tomorrow, April 22nd. You would tremendously support us by choosing to keep your ticket for next year. This would give us a sustainable foundation to create the most unforgettable weekend of 2021, which wouldn’t be the same without all of you. ”⠀

For more information please visit the Mysteryland website. We hope to see the festival season reigning again soon.



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